Al Zahra Salukis


International Dog Show

Česke Budějovice, Czech Republic

judge: Dr. Miroslav Guniš (SK)

Gloria Al Zahra - Exc 1, CAJC, JBOB

Grand CH. Euphoria Al Zahra - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, CAC-ČMKU, BOB, BIG 4

Al Zahra - Best Breeders Group 2nd place

Gloria Al Zahra

Grand CH. Euphoria Al Zahra


International Dog Show

Prague, Czech Republic

judge: Robbins Janelle W. (AUS)

Guardian Al Zahra - Exc 1, CAJC, JBOB

Gloria Al Zahra - Exc 1, CAJC

Guardian Al Zahra


Fehova Winter Dog Show (4x CACIB)

Budapest, Hungaria

Gloria Al Zahra gained her first Junior Championate  – Hungarian Junior Champion and also she bacame first time BEST OF BREED in the age only 10 months!
Her succes continued in Ring of Honor where she was awarded by titles Junior BEST IN GROUP and BIG 2!

16.2.2017 - Exc 1, CAJC, BOJ, BEST OF BREED, Junior BIG, BIG 2

17.2.2017 - Exc 1, CAJC, BOJ

18.2.2017 - Exc 1, CAJC, BOJ

19.2.2017 - Exc 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOS => Hungarian Junior Champion


National Dog Show

Brno, Czech Republic


judge: Piskay Vladimír (SK)

At National Dog show in Brno which was judged by Slovak judge Piskay Vladimir we started the new show season. Member of our youngest litter G Guardian Al Zahra began the new season with titles CAJC and Junior BOB.
Dreamer Al Zahra won the champion class and titles CAC, National winner, BOS.

Guardian Al Zahra - Exc 1, CAC, Junior BEST OF BREED

Dreamer Al Zahra - Exc 1, CAC, NATIONAL WINNER, BOS

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